Personal development is sometimes described in terms of how effectively we can work with our growing edges. This gives a sense of a frontier, in which new territory is being explored; the feeling of adventure can be engaging and energising. In our experience the challenge is to work with our edges while not losing connection with our centre, or our sense of what enables us to perform as well as we already do.

As a change agent there is always opportunity to improve our performance, or think differently about how we might have approached a situation for better impact. As you think about honing your craft, we encourage you to take stock of your current strengths and development needs, and identify one, two and no more than three areas for attention going forward. You might want to amplify current strengths, minimise weaknesses or address development needs.

You might also like to invest some time in thinking about what it is you really want to achieve. We sometimes use this short exercise to help change agents envision their desired future and connect with what will enable them to realise it.

Take 10 minutes and a piece of paper. Write down your responses to the following, one question at a time:

  1. What does change agency mean to you? Consider your experience, the part it plays in your current work, the highs and the lows, and how it impacts you.
  2. What’s your personal vision for how you want your role as a change agent to be?
  3. Notice where you are now – and appreciate the positive things you’ve done to get here.
  4. Tap in to the resources, experiences, and other support systems that will help you in your role.
  5. Identify small but important steps you can take, to ensure you are your best self as a change agent.

Sharing your thoughts on these questions with other change agents can be valuable too. Whether you have a formal community of practice, or simply take lunch once in while with people in the same boat as you, sharing questions, concerns and experiences can be surprisingly helpful.

If you would like more support to take stock of your strengths as a change agent, talk to us about our self-assessment tool, iChange. It’s straightforward, recognises the range of knowledge, skills and qualities change agents need to be successful and comes with a workbook to support your developmental journey.

If you want to consolidate all that you already know and do well – and you want a robust framework and toolkit for managing organisational change – join our Managed Change™ Agent Certification programme. Or, if you’re ready and want to coach and guide others in how to effectively manage organisational change, move to our Master of Managed Change® Certification programme.