Managed Change™ is a powerful, proven change management framework and methodology. It enables organisations to identify – and effectively address – the risks arising from resistance to change. The outcome is the right change, delivering the expected benefits, through proper partnership with people.

Originated by Jeanenne LaMarsh, Managed Change™ has been extensively tested and refined through thirty something years of challenging practice. We have worked successfully with the approach for the past 20 years, in the UK, Europe and North America. Our application experience spans the aviation, engineering, FMCG, IT, pharmaceutical, financial, retail, media and utilities sectors. We have worked with changes large and small.

Creating Solutions
Managed Change™ involves five critical areas of activity – Identify, Prepare, Plan, Implement and Sustain. These translate into specific requirements to:

  • Articulate the business case for why the current state is no longer viable, where you are going and what changes are needed
  • Prepare by identifying and assessing the key stakeholders, determining the degrees of risk and understanding appropriate metrics
  • Sufficiently plan, designing key change systems of communication, learning and reward / reinforcement to mitigate or remove identified risks
  • Effectively implement, employing smart change strategies and tactics, sound project management and optimal direction of resources
  • Fully sustain, to avoid costly slippage.

MC Postcard

We like Managed Change™ because it enables organisations to bring structure and discipline to their change management approach. It supports people to work together more effectively, helps reduce noise in the system and radically increases the efficiency of changing.

We also like it because it provides a clear and simple way for individuals and teams to recognise and build on their current change capabilities while challenging and equipping them to address previously unexplored potential.

Visit the LaMarsh Global website to read what they have to say about Managed Change™.

If your project doesn’t have the change management strategy it needs to succeed, Managed Change™ will add significant value. It will help you to see clearly what needs to be done, manage your resources effectively and significantly increase your chances of success.

Managed Change is a registered trade mark of LaMarsh Global.