The work to develop – personally, as a team or as a wider organisational or societal system – can be extraordinarily challenging, as well as joyous and deeply rewarding. In partnership with our friend and colleague Marcos Frangos of Wellspring Change, we call on constellations and other embodied approaches to find new ways in to addressing the challenges that come with developmental work.

Constellations allow us to create a living 3-dimensional map of an issue or problem we’re grappling with. Taking us beyond familiar modes of knowing, the approach helps reveal hidden dynamics and circumstances as they truly are. Participants tell us this brings new clarity and a deeper resolution to even the most familiar or apparently intractable issues.

Our 2020/21 series of personal and professional development retreats has constellations and other embodied approaches at its heart. With no previous experience of constellations necessary, we invite you to join us with openness and curiosity.

For bespoke work with your team or organisation, contact in the first instance to arrange a conversation.

To learn more:

  • Read our blog on how the dynamic, social and generative approach of constellations helps when Working with Dilemmas
  • Watch our 5 minute video on what it is we and others value about this work
  • Read Marcos’ blog What’s Mine is Yours for a glimpse into how constellations allow us to access our collective wisdom while honouring the diversity and uniqueness of our individual experiences.


Thanks to Galen Crout on Unsplash for the photo at the head of this page.