The environments we operate in today are fast-changing, disrupted and often extraordinarily complex. At ChangeTools we are committed to working with senior people in organisations to consciously evolve their practice of leadership so that they can successfully meet the challenges of our time.

Becoming a more effective leader often involves a profound process of metanoia, a transformation of heart and mind. We support leaders by helping them:

  • Gain new insights into their leadership effectiveness, using self-report and 360 degree profiling
  • Understand how their reactive tendencies drive unhelpful leadership behaviours and undermine the very outcomes they are seeking to deliver
  • Identify and make progress with specific developmental goals designed to unleash their creative potential
  • Prioritise their development as part of an ongoing commitment to best-self leadership
  • Create environments where everyone is able to thrive and contribute.

As a result, their individual and collective leadership effectiveness increases and organisational performance improves.

Our development work draws on simple-to-use tools and frameworks powered by complex thinking, including the Leadership Circle Profile and the Global Leadership Profile.

To discuss your situation and explore how we might help you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for, contact Kirstin.

‘Peter and Kirstin brought the prized contribution of perspective and experience in change management and team building. It wasn’t directive or forced but highly supportive and thoughtful.  They provided the framework and the process as well as some essential observations.’ ∼ Senior leader, education