A 24 Hour Online/Offline Exploration

Traditional celebration of Beltane – with its springtime optimism, marking the beginning of pastoral summer – includes bonfires, flowers and rare delights such as rolling in the morning dew. Encouraging fertility, ensuring needful supply of sunshine for people, animals and plants, and protecting livestock and crops, the themes of this seasonal festival are truly life-giving.

Our annual ‘Bringing Forth’ retreat – usually held in Hazel Hill Wood during May – invites us to explore our life’s purpose and what sustains us, tending to the ground of our intentions and nourishing ourselves so that whatever we’re working in service of comes to fruition.

In place of our in-person retreat this year, we invite you to gather with us online, for a total of 4 1/2 hours over 3 sessions, as part of a 24 hour exploration of who we are choosing to be and what we are seeking to bring forth during these extraordinary times. With this online/offline format, we hope to combine the strong sense of community we feel even when gathering virtually, with time in nature locally.

Thursday 29 April

4.30 – 6pm UK time: Gathering around our virtual campfire, we’ll connect with how we are and begin to tune into who and how we are choosing to be at this time, what we are seeking to bring forth.

Friday 30 April

8.30 – 9am UK time: Morning connection, getting ready for the day and our work.

9am – 2pm UK time: Spend the day as you wish. You may want to clear your diary completely, or you may prefer to simply create a little more spaciousness in your day, making sure to spend more time than usual in nature. Either way, we will offer guide material for this time of reflection and exploration.

2 – 4.30pm UK time: Gathering online we will share our offline explorations, and we’ll spend some time working with constellations to explore themes arising.

As always, our work will draw on systemic and embodied approaches to explore our inner and outer landscapes, working towards the coherence and integrity in work and life that we wish for. Inspired by nature, poetry and music, and powered by the human spirit, we look forward to welcoming you into what we expect to be a rich and beautiful gathering.


Our charge for this gathering is £60 (VAT will not apply). We do not want money to be a barrier to participation so if you wish to join but the cost is prohibitive, please simply let us know what you feel able to offer at the time of booking.

Please book as soon as possible as places will be limited. Payment will be by invoice.

Cancellation: If you book and then find you are unable to join us, you are welcome to transfer your place to someone else with no additional charge. Unfortunately refunds cannot be given.

To book your place, simply email marcos@wellspringchange.com stating:

    • Your postal address (required for invoice purposes)
    • If the cost is prohibitive, the amount you feel able to offer

If you have questions about any aspect of the retreat, please contact either Kirstin@changetools.co.uk or Marcos@wellspringchange.com.

Thank you to Georg Eiermann on Unsplash for the lovely header image.