If you go down to the woods today…

We are holding the intention that our Harvesting retreat will be held, in person, at Hazel Hill Wood, nr. Salisbury, as it would have been pre-Covid. Some things will be different given the ongoing risks of the virus, and the most essential parts of the retreat will remain the same: immersion in nature, community connection, time and space to slow down, take stock and nourish ourselves.

MAD_4417By September, nature’s growth will be slowing yet we’ll be continuing to harvest our crops, and all the other fruits of our labours. The days will be shortening and we will be starting to contemplate the arrival of Winter’s long nights. Calling on Nature’s teachings, we will:

  • Explore what is in and out of balance in our inner and outer landscapes.
  • Gather and share our harvest from the months past, give thanks and celebrate.
  • Take stock of all that is, including the lessons we are learning.
  • Ask how the qualities of humility and generosity show up in our work and life.
  • Start to prepare for our descent into the darker months, choosing what to carry with us, and what to leave behind.

However life has been for you during these past months, and whatever may lie ahead for you, we warmly invite you to join us.

You can learn more about the background to our Landscapes of Change series of retreats here.

Covid Contingencies

How We’ll Run the Retreat

HideawayThe retreat will be limited to 10 participants and everyone will be accommodated in single bedrooms. We’re expecting to use the newly constructed Hideaway, which is now in the very final stages of its fit out. If for any reason that is not possible, we will use the Ark in addition to the Oak House.

Dining will be appropriately distanced and enhanced cleaning regimes throughout the site will apply.

Constellations and other embodied methods will continue to be at the heart of our approach, with modified instruction.

At the start of the retreat, we’ll discuss how we want to be together, given these virus altered time, and make group agreements.

FireIn the event that we are not able to run the retreat in-person, it will run virtually during the same period. As those of you who have joined any of our online campfires over the past several months know, there is tremendous richness and benefit still from being in community virtually. In addition to online campfires at given times during the 24 hour period, you will receive recommended readings and practices.

Booking Terms

These are unusual times and we offer these altered booking terms in good faith. Please do contact us with questions, concerns, or to discuss any eventualities you foresee that are not covered here.

In the event that we cannot run the retreat in-person, due to local or UK national government restrictions, or closure of the wood, the retreat will run virtually. You will automatically receive a 50% refund to reflect the different way of working.

If you are unable to join the in-person or virtual retreat due to Covid related ill health, local government restrictions or another unforeseeable emergency, we will be happy to transfer your booking to a future retreat. If possible, we will offer you a refund as an alternative.

If you cancel for any reason other than Covid related ill health, local government restrictions or another unforeseeable emergency, you will be welcome to transfer your place for this retreat to someone else without penalty. A refund will not be given and it will not be possible to transfer your booking to a future retreat.

If both the in-person and virtual retreats need to be cancelled by us for any reason, the fee you have paid will be refunded in full.

Other Important Information

The retreat – whether in-person or virtual – will run from 4.30pm on 16 Sept to 4.30pm on 17 Sept.

The early bird rate of £280 + VAT for the in-person retreat will run until Friday 31 July. This includes all food and single room accommodation. As always, you will be required to bring your own bedding & towels. The food we eat is an important part of the retreat. All meals are vegetarian and – to the extent possible – locally sourced and organic.

For bookings made after 31 July, the full rate of £340 + VAT will apply.

For those working in public sector and charitable organisations, and for anyone who is self-funding through a non VAT registered business, a 10% discount on the £280/£340 rates applies.

How To Book

Simply email kirstin@changetools.co.uk stating:

  • Your name & organisation (please state if public sector, charitable, self-funding)
  • Full postal address for invoice purposes

Payment is via invoice, fully payable within 7 days of booking.

If you have questions about booking, please email kirstin@changetools.co.uk.

If would like to discuss any other aspect of the retreat, please feel free to email either kirstin@changetools.co.uk or marcos@wellspringchange.com to arrange a conversation.