If you go down to the woods today…

We are holding the intention that our 2021 Harvesting retreat will be held, in person, at Hazel Hill Wood, nr. Salisbury. Having missed the opportunity to gather during September last year, we are delighted that this year’s retreat will be for two nights, rather than the usual one: 4pm, Tuesday 28th Sept to 11am, Thursday 30th Sept.

Some things will be different given the ongoing risks of the Covid-19 virus, and the most essential parts of the retreat will remain the same: immersion in nature, community connection, time and space to slow down, take stock and nourish ourselves.

MAD_4417By September, nature’s growth will be slowing yet we’ll be continuing to harvest our crops, and all the other fruits of our labours. The days will be shortening and we will be starting to contemplate the arrival of Winter’s long nights.

Calling on nature’s teachings, we will:

  • Explore what is in and out of balance in our inner and outer landscapes.
  • Gather and share our harvest from the months past, give thanks and celebrate.
  • Take stock of all that is, including the lessons we are learning.
  • Ask how the qualities of humility and generosity show up in our work and life.
  • Start to prepare for our descent into the darker months, choosing what to carry with us, and what to leave behind.

However life has been for you during these past months, and whatever may lie ahead for you, we warmly invite you to join us. You can learn more about the background to our Landscapes of Change series of retreats here.

How We’ll Run the Retreat

HideawayTo enable everyone to be accommodated in single bedrooms, the retreat will be limited to 10 participants, 8 staying in the newly constructed Hideaway and 2 in the main Oak House building.

Constellations and other embodied methods will continue to be at the heart of our approach, with modified instruction.

At the start of the retreat, we’ll discuss how we want to be together, given these virus altered time, and make group agreements.

Cost & Booking Terms

As many of you will know, much of our work over the past 12 months has been gifted, with no fee for many of our online events. As we begin to return to in-person events at the wood, we are navigating the financial risks we are carrying alongside the desire to offer reasonable booking and cancellation terms to all of you. Hazel Hill Wood has changed its bookings policy quite significantly and we are learning what implications this has for our work. Please do contact us with questions, or to discuss any eventualities you foresee that are not covered here.

The fee for this retreat is £380. This is not subject to VAT and includes 2 nights single room accommodation, all main meals and snacks from 4pm on Tuesday to 11am on Thursday, plus a nominal amount for facilitation.

Cancellation Terms

In the event that we are unable to run the retreat due to Government decreed lockdown (Covid-19), or any other unforeseen event, monies already paid by you will be returned in full and your booking will be cancelled.

If you are unable to join the retreat due to Covid related ill health, or another unforeseeable emergency, we will be happy to transfer your booking to a future retreat, or you will be welcome to transfer your place for this retreat to someone else without penalty. We will seek to offer you a part or full refund where possible although this is subject to a variety of considerations and cannot be guaranteed.

If you cancel for any reason other than Covid related ill health, or another unforeseeable emergency, you will be welcome to transfer your place for this retreat to someone else without penalty. Unfortunately under these circumstances, neither a refund nor a transfer of your booking to a future retreat will be possible.

To Book

To book – according to the terms set out above – please email marcos@wellspringchange.com with your name, address for invoice purposes and any special requirements, dietary or otherwise. You will then receive an invoice for £380 with payment falling due immediately. If you wish to make arrangements to pay by instalment, please let Marcos know at time of booking. 

Other Important Information

The food we eat is an important part of the retreat. All meals are vegetarian and – to the extent possible – locally sourced and organic. We are used to catering for a variety of dietary needs – please advise at time of booking. As always, you will be required to bring your own bedding & towels. 


MAD_3620It is feeling more tricky to organise our retreat than it used to, given Covid-19 impacts and associated knock-on effects for the wood. We are committed, nonetheless, to creating the possibility for us to gather and, if you feel moved and able to join us, we look forward to a special and nourishing time with you.

If you have questions about any aspect of the retreat please contact either one of us: kirstin@changetools.co.uk or marcos@wellspringchange.com.

Wishing you well, Marco & Kirstin