Exploring Inner & Outer Landscapes of Change Through the Seasons

We are living in powerful times. Many established patterns of life are ready to be re-made, and we are being called to pay attention to our part to play. Whether navigating change in their workplaces, their communities or closer to home, people tell us this work can be tough, sometimes soul destroying.

Our deep wish is to bring people together in community to curate what it means to live and work with coherence and integrity, whatever your context and whatever challenges you face.

As we navigate our own ways through the fullness and complexity of life we are struck by the beauty and power of doing so in community, and by the restorative potential of the natural world.

Whatever your life’s work and whatever conversations you are in with your inner and outer landscapes, we invite you to join us for one or more of our personal and professional development retreats.

Hosted by Kirstin in partnership with Marcos Frangos of Wellspring Change, each residential retreat will be held in the magical setting of Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury, UK.

Constellations and other embodied methods are at the heart of our approach.

Questions we will be exploring include:

  • What happens if you listen more deeply to your restless energies?
  • How can you make sense of stuck or difficult situations in a way that is transformative and leads to a greater sense of ease and flow?
  • How can you attune to your own wisdom and to the wisdom between us?
  • What might happen if you experienced greater joy in life?
  • How might you interrupt unhelpful patterns and create new ones, to better serve yourself, your family, friends and colleagues, the organisations you are part of, and the world at large?
  • How can you make your best contribution, personally and professionally?

In providing time and space for each of us to explore our big questions and make progress with current challenges, we will call on Nature’s teachings through the seasons:

May: Bringing Forth Exploring our life’s purpose and what sustains us. Tending to the ground of our intentions and nourishing ourselves so that whatever we’re working in service of comes to fruition.

Sept: Harvesting Gathering and sharing the fruits of our labour. Celebrating, taking stock of what we’re learning and counting our blessings. Learn more about our 28-30 Sept 2021 retreat & book.

Nov: Letting Go Listening in to the darkness, exploring the shadows we cast, letting go of what is no longer serving and preparing to receive what will come.

February: Letting Come Connecting with our restless energies and our intentions for the year ahead. Creating fertile ground, noticing what’s emerging and opening to all that is possible.

We invite you to join us with openness and curiosity for one or more of these retreats.

** We are delighted to now offer Landscapes of Change for Teams. Tailored to the specific needs of the team, these 24 hour immersive workshop retreats provide the opportunity for restoration and renewal, new insight and enhanced capacity. **

Thanks to Dan Freeman on Unsplash for the photo at the head of this page.