Each change challenge is different, but most require practical and necessary steps to be taken in the here-and-now, combined with ways of working that draw on inspiration about what’s possible for the future. This page gives a flavour of the richness and diversity of approaches we draw on.

We believe these unprecedented times demand that we can combine structure and discipline with the ability to notice, and adapt to, what is emerging. Our methods and influences reflect this belief.

Sense-Making Frameworks

  • Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Culture Survey™
  • Managed Change™
  • Peter Hawkins’ Team Disciplines
  • Bill Sharpe’s Three Horizons
  • David Snowden’s Cynefin Framework – for communication and decision-making in complex environments

Other Methods, Tools, Ways of Working

  • Open Space Technology
  • World Cafe
  • Storycatching
  • 360 degree profiling
  • Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop
  • Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment
  • Constellations
  • Action-Inquiry

Psychometric Instruments

  • Global Leadership Profile
  • Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Culture Survey™
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Steps I & II)
  • Hogan’s Suite (HPI, MVPI, HDS)
  • Apter Motivational Style Profile & Apter Change Agent Profile
  • EI measures


  • Positive psychology & appreciative approaches
  • Systems thinking
  • Complexity theory
  • Gestalt
  • Multiple Intelligences & Five Minds (Gardner)
  • Informal coalitions
  • Personal & social construct psychology
  • Adult development psychology (including Kegan’s very useful work on what helps and hinders change)
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • The Three Ways of Getting Things Done (Hierarchy, Heterarchy & Responsible Autonomy)