‘You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.’ ∼ Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author and speaker

If part or all of your work involves facilitating or implementing organisational change – and you want to better understand your role and what it takes to be fully effective – our iChange self-assessment is a great place to start.

Six areas iChange_chart_p4Putting a spotlight on key behaviours and qualities for success it provides an opportunity to take stock of your current strengths.

The iChange report is ideal for carrying forward into developmental conversations – with your manager, your coach and/or the team you work with.

To discuss how iChange might be used in your organisation, contact Kirstin for a conversation.

I like iChange because it is a very accessible framework which creates an opportunity for self-reflection. It creates a shared language and provides legitimacy to what people are experiencing.’ ∼ People & Change Manager, County Council