To give more of a flavour of what we do and how we do it, here are brief accounts of some of our most recent engagements:

Turnaround event for 40-strong, cross-functional group, implementing and being impacted by organisational change. Key words: relationships, resistance, perspective, data, leadership, understanding. Outputs: voices heard, insights for leaders, common ground identified, next steps agreed. Sector: Intellectual Property.

Training and development for HR professionals working to transform policies, practices and culture of long-established organisation. Key words: Managed Change™, time and space, insights, connection, energy, focus. Outputs: connected with existing strengths, expanded toolkit, confidence and commitment to well-managed change. Sector: Insurance.

Partnership with HR Director and her team to engage their organisation in a conversation about the values and behaviours needed for future success. Key words: research, business strategy, engagement, iterative process, leadership, clarification, use of language. Outputs: Values and behaviours defined (including behavioural indicators for use in key HR processes), positive engagement among staff, likely implementation challenges surfaced and understood. Sector: Insurance.

Leadership and team development for career services department of leading MBA school.  Key words: self-awareness, making the invisible visible, data, creating shared vision, challenge, leading change, managing teams. Outputs: greater self and other awareness, appreciation of difference, energy, stronger commitment to shared endeavour, growing team coherence. Sector: Education.

Coaching support for change agent working to put people at the heart of change in order to deliver expected results. Key words: Managed Change™, feedback, ideas, encouragement. Outputs: focus, clarity, best impact, affirmation of existing strengths. Sector: Intellectual Property.

“You provide that very rare combination of excellent consultancy with real delivery, and you are great people to work with.  You are an example of what partners / consultants should all be like.” ~ Transformation Team Lead, Utilities