Working with Dilemmas

“Dilemma: a situation requiring a choice between equally necessary alternatives which are seemingly incompatible” Life is full of dilemmas, constantly in motion: Should I privilege short-term interests and financial security for today, or take some risk and innovate for the future? Should I drive my team in the direction I believe to be right, or… Read More

Daring to Develop as a Leader

‘We need leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, mastery and maturity, courage and compassion, competence and character, consciousness and wisdom.’ ~ Bob Anderson & Bill Adams, Mastering Leadership There appears to be a widening gap between global complexity and our human capacity to deal with it. How able we as leaders are to navigate evermore challenging… Read More

The Power of Sadness

Sadness is generally viewed quite negatively in our society. As someone experiencing sadness, you might be pitied, faced with overly chipper comments designed to help you ‘cheer up’, or even ridiculed. Yet the feeling force of sadness has a positive purpose. Sadness comes with the interpretation ‘this is unfortunate’; it’s about things we dislike but cannot… Read More

When Faced With Fear

‘Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.’ ∼  Mark Twain, author Our experience suggests that fear is rife in many organisations. As the body’s primeval response to perceived threat, fear is a protective, adaptive response. Yet in the context of the workplace it can quickly become debilitating and demotivating. Feeling fearful… Read More

Starting Out as a Change Agent

If you’ve been told “You’re a change agent from now on!” but haven’t a clue what that means or how you might begin to play your role effectively, here are some thought starters: What is a ‘Change Agent’? A Change Agent is: ‘someone responsible for facilitating or implementing change’.  It’s that straightforward. Even if its… Read More

Honing Your Craft as a Change Agent

Personal development is sometimes described in terms of how effectively we can work with our growing edges. This gives a sense of a frontier, in which new territory is being explored; the feeling of adventure can be engaging and energising. In our experience the challenge is to work with our edges while not losing connection with our centre,… Read More