Business Excellence Specialist

Absorbing the tools and methodologies of change management under the skilful guidance of Kirstin and her team has been one of the most valuable learnings of my career to date. For companies navigating through many changing environments, developing an awareness and expertise in the area of change management will be critical to their survival and… Read More

HR Professional, Retail Services

An excellent course and very relevant to us given all the change happening in the business. I have already used the framework on two of my projects and it has helped me shape my thinking and approach. Thank you.

Executive Director, Business School

You were both very sensitive to the mood in the room. I loved the way you broke out the tough messages on day 1 and I loved the awareness you brought; I thought the vision process circle game was inspired!

L&D Professional, County Council

I liked Kirstin’s style, she’s knowledgeable but also very personable. It dovetailed into the rest of the work that is going on. It was a good use of the time, the information was pitched well and it was a good mix of people in the room.

People & Change Manager, County Council

Kirstin’s got great experience of guiding organisations through change. She’s sensitive to the complex issues we face and has come up with solutions that really work for us.

Change Manager, Intergovernmental Organisation

I am positively overwhelmed by the inspirations and the great variety of starting points you offered to us, to better manage changes… I can also say that I so rarely knew a coach like you, with such a high ability to listen attentively, without being instructive / educational, but with the very fine art to bring it… Read More

Transformation Team Lead, Utilities Company

You provide that very rare combination of excellent consultancy with real delivery, and you are great people to work with.  You are an example of what partners / consultants should all be like.

Senior VP, Financial Services

Your fluid, flexible, effective facilitation allowed us to focus on our project, find the right Managed Change™ tools and take our planning process to the next level. I can’t tell you how much our group benefited from your efforts.

HR Professional, Insurance Services

Thank you for a fantastic course – really interesting and enjoyable. I feel I have had many light bulb moments in the last few days that will not only help me with this project but within my career going forward.