Having spent over 20 years consulting in all kinds of sectors, across Europe and North America, Kirstin has witnessed unhelpful patterns and vicious cycles of activity that lead to wasted time, people and resources. She has also seen the difference that skilled leaders and change agents make – building productive relationships, shifting unhelpful patterns and creating more virtuous, and sustainable, ways of working in service of positive change.

To be, and remain, effective during the most challenging times these leaders and change agents need support.

ChangeTools works with leaders and their teams to build their change capability, and with organisations to create the conditions for success.

Our commitment is to changing the way change happens, because there’s so much to be gained. Results, delivered. People, engaged. Lessons, learned. Creativity, harnessed. Waste, eliminated. Success, sustained.

If you would like to learn more about our work at ChangeTools, please contact Kirstin for a conversation.